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IHT Portfolios

Inheritance need not be too taxing if you invest in the stock market 

Inheritance Tax (IHT). Two words sure to strike fear into the heart of anybody who has worked all their life to leave a financial legacy, only to face the prospect of their loved ones losing a significant amount before they can access their inheritance.

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How it works

Using a tax relief created by the UK Government in 2000, SI Capital can help you optimise the transfer of part of your Estate to your beneficiaries by investing in qualifying shares. Our team will do this by investing your money in companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) – the London Stock Exchange’s international market for small, growing companies. This money, and any growth achieved by it, will fall outside of your taxable Estate two years after the date of investment. Importantly:

  • ‍the shares remain in your name
  • you can access your portfolio within 48 hours

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SI Capital is a contemporary stockbroker with traditional values. We pride ourselves in understanding the individual needs of our clients and tailor our services to meet each of those needs, providing professional advisory services as well as smart direct dealing execution. Our focus is on performance, accessibility, personal service and trust. Based in Surrey and Central London, we bring City expertise to the Home Counties and a refreshing approach to direct investment and portfolio management.
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